What we do

Core Services

Helicopter Flight Training

Offering both Canadore College and Transport Canada flight training programs for both private and commercial licences.

Charters and Tourism

Specialing in airborne surveys, mining and exploration, drill moves, camp support, aerial construction and fire suppression anywhere across Canada.

Operational Courses

Taking our program beyond flight training. Winter Survival and Underwater Egress courses available.

Take your passion to the sky

Flight Training

Take your passion to the sky. Essential’s Helicopter Training Programs are designed to help students unlock the potential of their future and use the additional operational training as the the stepping stone to a career full of possibilities. Our experience and College-structured programs ensure students receive the highest level of training and are fully prepared for the wonderful world of aviation.

Go above and beyond

Operational Courses

Providing students, private and commercial operators with the knowledge, skills and tools to excel in the industry and in their passion.  With a variety of additional subjects, our trainees can participate in strenuous physical and mental activities such as log pad construction, chain saw operation, winter aircraft operations, cold water immersion and much more.

Ready for anything

Charter Services

With our skilled pilots and nationwide connections we aim to satisfy our clients through our skilled and experienced management team; as well as our air crews. We can ensure that you are provided with the aircraft and equipment most suitable to your specific needs with our diverse fleet of aircraft.