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Our flight training program at Essential Helicopters prepares students for an exciting career in the aviation industry. As a student in our Flight Training Program, you can expect unparalleled instruction from some of the most experienced instructors in the aviation industry. With experience in a wide variety of operational environments, from long line, to forest fire suppression to float operations, all of our instructors pass on their experiences to the students. Our Instructors are Transport Canada authorized, and as such maintain the highest standards of professional flying and instructional ability.

Hundreds of successful graduates are now employed as helicopter pilots in Canada and around the world. Our ground school and flight training are designed to provide graduates with the skills, knowledge and attitude necessary to operate helicopters efficiently and safely under various flight conditions and in remote geographic locations.


Bell 206 Jet Ranger

The Bell 206 Jet Ranger is the turbine helicopter of choice for the industry with a safety record that is unsurpassed in both flight training and operational applications

Robinson R44

The Robinson R44 provides excellent reliability, responsive handling and performance, making it the ideal piston helicopter for a variety of applications.

Robinson R22

The Robinson R22 Beta II is flown throughout the world for many applications, ranging from flight training to livestock mustering and patrolling pipelines.

programs starting every september


The Canadore College Helicopter program provides students with much more than the basic Commercial Helicopter Licence – we provide students with all the necessary operational tools to allow our graduates to excel and become highly employable in the industry.

A variety of additional operational training subjects provide the students with a balanced ground school training program. Successful applicants enrolled in our Canadore College program will be participating in strenuous physical activities such as helicopter log pad construction, chain saw operation, underwater egress training, winter survival program and winter helicopter operations. Graduates from the program will receive a Canadore College Pilot Preparedness Certificate and a Transport Canada Commercial Pilot Licence – Helicopter as well as numerous industry-recognized certificates.


This is a sample of the course curriculum offered and is subject to change. Courses may be added or removed to further enhance the program.

Winter Survival

Winter Survival bush training

Underwater Egress

Underwater Egress and ditching procedures

Chainsaw and Felling

Classroom and practical training

Basic First Aid, CPR and AED

Presented by Certified Instructors

Certified Simulator

Available for students throughout the program

Global System Position System (GPS)

Understanding and use of GPS Systems

Helicopter Log Pad Construction

Construct and inspect a safe Helicopter Pad

Helicopter Maintenance

Classroom and Practical Training

available year round


Our Transport Canada program is offered year-round and covers the minimum requirements to obtain a commercial helicopter licence. The program provides students with all the basic skills to be a successful pilot in the industry.

This course is ideal for students who require flexibility during their training or require a specific timeframe to complete the program.
Dependant on course availability, students in this program have the opportunity to attend additional operational training courses that are offered.

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